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What should be paid attention to when the car tyre is inflated.

Pay attention to safety. Always use a barometer to check the air pressure, so as not to inflate the tire....

1. Pay attention to safety. Always use a barometer to check the air pressure, so as not to inflate the tire.

2. Before the inflatable valve mouth should be dirt rub-up, don't loose valve core, after the inflatable to apply soap water in valve mouth, check whether the leak (if the leak can produce small bubbles), and the valve cap or impaction, prevent sediment into the valve inside the mouth.

Check the valve nozzle. If the valve and valve core are not smooth, there are protruding and concave phenomena and other defects, which are inconvenient to air and air pressure.

4. After stopping, it is necessary to wait for the tire to dissipate after cooling, as the temperature of the tire will rise during driving, which will affect the pressure.

5. Inflatable deflated again after don't exceed the standard air pressure too much, also don't cry because it is to go out for a long time can't air and too much air, such as more than the standard cord stretching, too much too much that will lead to cause its strength is reduced, affect the service life of tires.

Pay attention to cleanliness. The air-filled air cannot contain water and oil, in case the inner tyre is damaged.

7. Due to the structural reasons, the subsidence and the ground area are larger due to the structural reasons, which are often mistaken for insufficient inflation and too much inflation. Or vice versa, because its subsidence and earthing area are already large, and when the pressure is insufficient, it is mistaken for sufficient. The standard barometer is to be measured. The use air pressure of the radial tire should be 0.5 to 1.5 kg / 2 cm.

8. The air pressure gauge or the air pressure meter used in the vehicle should be proofread regularly to ensure the accuracy of the air pressure check.


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