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How to select and use the tire balance piece warranty equipment?

With the benefits of nitrogen tire inflator is more and more car owners, reflect the market more and more nitrogen tire i...

With the benefits of nitrogen tire inflator is more and more car owners, reflect the market more and more nitrogen tire inflator machine, in addition to the lute, zhuhai wind brand in the domestic market are introduced such as tyre nitrogen filling machine.

In recent years, due to the rapid increase of car ownership, combined with the tire warranty has been opened into the vehicle maintenance enterprise regulations, the heat of the car tire balance weight maintenance maintenance market gradually warming. The balance of car tire warranty service has become the focus of more and more investors, and the number of tire balance service shops is also increasing rapidly. This paper analyzes the market quotation and selection of equipment and products involved in maintenance and repair.

The advantages and disadvantages of the tyre nitrogen filling machine are 3 points:

Look at the purity of nitrogen. Most nitrogen purifiers in the market are above , and the machine calibration is 90%. When buying machines, we can ask to test the purity of nitrogen to prevent the purchase of defective models.

Look at the type of nitrogen produced. Hollow fiber membrane technology is advanced technology, the machine performance is very stable, but the cost is higher, the market price is also higher. Molecular sieve PSA technology is an early technology, dynamic operation, although the performance is general, but the advantage is low cost, the market price is also low.

Look at the amount of gas produced. If the amount of nitrogen produced is small, in the case of continuous work, the nitrogen-filling machine will often "strike temporarily" due to insufficient storage capacity. If the business is busy, it will seriously affect the business. Some manufacturers in order to make up for the shortcoming of insufficient gas production these machines, is a large and hundreds of litres of gas holder matchs outside the son, but it's still take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, because full of 1 can of nitrogen have a few hours, are time consuming, and power consumption.


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