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Reasonable application of balance block brake of automobile.

Auto balance piece crankshaft efficient special machine tool has its own processing limitations, only reasonable applicat...

Auto balance piece crankshaft efficient special machine tool has its own processing limitations, only reasonable application of the appropriate machine tools, to show the high specificity of the crankshaft machine tools, so as to improve the machining efficiency of processes.

It is necessary to understand the axle weight of the car in order to check the braking performance of the car with the anti-force brake, and the axle weight instrument is also an indispensable equipment.

As the name suggests, an instrument used to measure the weight of a car's axle is, in fact, a weighing machine. Terms from the structure of axle load meter is divided into mechanical and electronic type two kinds, from the actual electronic axis (round) weight device of simple structure, high precision, the electrical signal output and facilitate computer networking, so use more widely.

Many company's axis (round) weight device is and brake as a whole, braking units of the machine body to match the above mentioned bearing plate, four sensors under braking bench machine (brake suspension on the four sensors), bearing the weight of the sensor minus the weight of the platform (except the tare weight) is called the axis (round).

Balance block types, structure and working principle of brake machine types, structure and working principle of brake test bench according to the different methods of measurement are divided into plate type, drum, etc., at present the most used are the reaction forces of drum brake test bench. According to the drum diameter and the drum linear speed, it can be divided into large drum and small drum, high speed platform and low speed platform. The balance block is also due to the different surface structure of the roller brake, such as groove type, sand type, composite material, etc.

The electronic axis (wheel) weights are made up of four identical weighing sensors (typically strain sensors) and a load bearing plate. Below the four sensors in the corners of bearing plate, auto wheel pressure on the bearing plate, axis (round) the gravity on the plate under the four corners of four sensors, the sensor to produce elastic deformation, strain bridge strain bridge balance, unbalanced bridge output voltage, the size of the voltage and a linear relationship with the deformation, strain bridge bridge deformation and rather than by the size of the gravity, and is also a linear relationship. Car bridge by the weight of the sensor is converted into linear replacement this weight signal voltage, conversely, can be measured by the size of the voltage signal to measure its size under gravity.


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