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The correct way to use the paste balance block.

After the balance block is pasted, press both ends from the middle of the balance block. The adhesive force of the balanc...

Pasting is a more commonly used balance block, so how is it used? Here's how:

1. After cleaning the hub, place the balance block on the hub and check whether the arc of the hub is suitable for placing the balance block. When the balance block is placed, the protective film of the back adhesive strip shall be retained. The radius of the balance should be at least parallel to the radius of the hub.

2. Select the appropriate detergent (e.g. 70% isopropanol solution) and carefully clean the surface of the wheel with a clean soft cloth to remove impurities and dust on the surface of the hub. Note: should ensure that the ambient temperature balance block, and the temperature of the wheel hub not below 16 ℃.

3. After sticking the balance block, press both ends from the middle of the balance block. The adhesive force of the balance piece is 80 to 90% after about 24 hours, and after 72 hours, the adhesive force reaches 100%.

4. Remove the protective film on the back of the balance block and place the balance block on the hub. When placing the balance block, apply force at both ends of the balance block with a pressure of not less than 100 kpa.

The above is the method that our company summarizes for you to use pasting balance block, if you have other problems, can call our hotline, tong yu looks forward to cooperate with you!


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