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Introduction of common method of filling tire.

According to the damage degree of the tire, the method can be divided into three types: cold filling (internal filling or...

According to the damage degree of the tire, the method can be divided into three types: cold filling (internal filling or pasting), hot filling (commonly known as fire repair) and adhesive strip method. Now let's talk about what's different about each of these.

The so-called cold repair is to remove the injured tire from the rim, and after finding the wound, the foreign body in the wound is cleaned, and the special rubber skin is attached to the inner layer of the tire to complete the leak. In fact, this kind of method is similar to the method of bicycle repair, but only need the special machine and the tire rubber to complete. The advantage is that it can be repaired with a larger wound, the disadvantage is not durable enough, after a period of water immersion or high-speed vehicle, the repair is likely to have a leak again.

Hot patch (commonly known as fire patching) is the most complete retread measure. The heat is also used to remove the tire from the rim and attach the special raw film to the wound. Bake the wound with a baking machine until the raw film and the tire are completely glued. The benefit of the hotfix is very durable, and there is no need to worry about a repeat leak. But it also has shortcomings, that is when the construction technology of the demand is higher, because once the baking temperature control is not good, is likely to tire sear, serious still can produce deformation, in that case, to the damage of the tire is bigger.

For a large number of car owner friends, the most simple and practical method is to use the adhesive strip method when your car is in the road when the tyre is puncture and the air leakage phenomenon occurs. Strip method of tire repair of equipment requires low (a set of tire repair tools and a small tire inflator pump), professional and technical requirements for the owner is not high (as long as you dare to try), so it's suitable for common owners. Now we will teach you how to use adhesive tape.


A set of tools for filling a vacuum tube (the price is usually 20~30 yuan). There are two handles in this set of tools, an awl that can be inserted into a rubber strip, a circular file type of awl,

There is also a small bag with sticky tape. Buy a small tire pump (usually between 60 and 200 yuan). Steps:

(1) first, the puncture of the tire was found, and the puncture of the punctured tire was extracted.

(2) clean the debris near the wound. If the puncture point is small, it is necessary to use the cone of the circular file first (the size of the hole and the size of the adhesive bar can be similar).

(3) insert the rubber strip into the hole with a rubber strip, and the tape should not be inserted into the tyre, leaving about 1cm outside the tyre.

(4) pull out the cone tire and fix it. A piece of tape can be used in two parts, if the gap is large enough to insert a few more. Then inflate the tire with a gas pump.

The whole process takes about a few minutes, and it doesn't need to be removed from the rim. However, this method can only be used as an emergency when the tear is on the side of the tire and is relatively large. At the same time remind the car owner friend, use the adhesive method to fix the tire, must drive the car to the professional tire shop to carry on the test.


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