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Application of tire balancing block die casting machine

Introduction to the application of tire balancing block die casting machine....

Introduction to the application of tire balancing block die casting machine.

At present, almost every household has a car, and there are many kinds of tire balancing machines in the market, not only the national products, but also many imported brand products. Generally speaking, the price of import brand is relatively high, of course, its technology content is relatively high, general in use a few years to be able to break down very rarely. For example, yingguchi, Germany's bestbart and hoffman, Italy's koji and lute, and American chariots and COATS are all mature international brands.

In terms of the number of brands and market share, the domestic tire balance machine dominates, and most of the brands are concentrated in the yingkou area of liaoning province. Relatively speaking, the technology content of domestic models is relatively low, the failure rate is relatively high, but compared with the imported brand, it has the price advantage (the average price is 2500 ~ 6000 RMB). Moreover, the service of domestic brands is fast and timely. For small and medium-sized enterprises, domestic brands are usually chosen.

So, how do you use the tire balance die casting machine? Here's how to use it:

In use, the balance of the tire should be brushed with a brush to the surface of the dirt and the gravel in the tire tread to ensure that the balance is correct.

If there is a balance left on the balance of the tire, it should be balanced once with the old balance.


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