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Introduction to the process of plastic balance block die casting machine.

Our company is specialized in the production and sale of auto balance block manufacturers, so, how to suppress the balanc...

Our company is specialized in the production and sale of auto balance block manufacturers, so, how to suppress the balance block? Next, we will introduce the die casting machine process of plastic balance block.

In die-casting process, thermosetting resin is added to a separate material cavity, often called a feeding trough, and then forcibly fed into one or more closed dies for polymerization (solidification).

The material path, also called the injection channel and the runner, causes the material to flow from the material tank to the mold cavity, before entering the mold cavity through the restrictor or gate. Many cavity has a single feed slot. The air in the cavity is replaced by the incoming material and is discharged through a specially placed exhaust vent.

When the material is placed in the feeding trough, the material is measured in a compact measuring device and then preheated to near the polymerization temperature. Only add enough injection amount once.

The force of the preheated raw material is sent out of the feeding trough to the feeder, which is attached to the feed tank to prevent leakage from the gap between the piston and the material slot. The sealing slip is usually inserted into the feeder to further prevent leakage.

Feed chute, injection, sprue, runner and cavity surface to maintain can make raw materials rapidly solidified a certain temperature, according to the material properties, mold design and the geometry of the parts temperature is 280 ~ 280 ° F.

At the end of the curing period of the die casting, the complete die-casting is carried out, including the removal of the sprue, the runner, the filling channel and the feeding trough to form the solidified material pad (called residual material).

The preheating of materials is very important in die casting. The cold material flow is slow, the material that enters the mold cavity first does not reach its end point, namely possible polymerization. If this happens, the product is inferior in quality, not only in appearance but also in mechanical properties. There are some exceptions, such as a small amount of injection or some low viscosity material. Can be heated by heating lamp or furnace, but effective and commonly used method is to use the dielectric heater specially for plastic molding.


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